Afternoon, a unit colleague to holy spring scenic spot of Mongolia in bag to go to dinner, for lesbian festival. It wasn't the place that was supposed to be, but the rest of the restaurant was booked up. If we again later, even the Holy Spring Scenic Mongolia package is not, because our order is the last Mongolia package.
And several colleagues took a taxi to the Temple scenic area. In this area, we often walk in summer one family that came to enjoy the shade there, enjoying the scenery. Dinner 通渠佬, I was the first time. Mongolia bags scattered in the woods. When we get into the Mongolia bag, the lesbians talk in the middle of the room. Some gloomy weather, Quan water still so clear and peaceful, this is from the snow capped mountains running down the snow brought together. This is not a party to the waters, now the dark sky reflected in which black rainbow trout orange red trout swim in joy. A few ducks in the water play carefree and content. Fish swim in the water, ducks swim in the water. The sun is hiding in the clouds, the land that is now silent, and now it is more silent wine tasting hong kong. Along the scenic path, I came to the woods, the spring in the woods of the pace is much slower, the snow on the ground is also well preserved, their white appearance, let people see the shadow of the winter. The wood was empty, even in the summer, there are people in the woods, and now is the spring season, cold, people will not go to the woods. I heard a myna in the woods singing a sweet song, it sent us the message of spring. It is more clear in singing loud empty woods. The cold wind blew from time to time, and I went back to Mongolia WSET course in hong kong.
Almost to the colleagues, began serving, wine filled glass. There are three men and eight ladies on the table. A man is a driver he cannot drink, there are two women because of health reasons can not drink, otherwise a female colleague to drink red wine, drink liquor is really six or seven. Please eat a la carte, began to end wine glasses. One cup after another, we drink and chat, exchange feelings, tell the friendship. Although we have only a dozen people, but there are many nationalities, Han, Mongolian, Kazakh, uygur. When they were happy, they began to sing and dance. We take three bottles of liquor to drink, and let others send a (10 bottles) the same liquor, fortunately, this bottle of drink is not very uncomfortable, also 380 ml bottle. We had been drinking from half past eight to half past twelve in the evening, and only one of the two bottles of wine left behind. There are a few lesbians are drunk, although I am not drunk, but also very uncomfortable. Night, deep, we go back to the car. The moon had risen in the night sky, and it seemed to fall asleep in the high sky. In the car, drunken female colleagues began to talk nonsense. Colleagues send everyone home safely. I haven't had so much to drink for a long time, and I don't know how much I drink. It's really a fear of people in Xinjiang to drink. Not a bottle (500 grams) of liquor liquor, no guts to sit even sit on the table, the wine on the table, my heart is empty.