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Coal companies' efforts to cut emissions are under scrutiny

Le 10 août 2017, 13:52 dans Humeurs 0

Investors have said that only two of the world's 20 biggest listed coal companies have a long-term goal of reducing emissions from Rio and vale, and three do not recognise climate change.


According to the Anglican (Church of England), led by a group of investors, the world's largest coal mining enterprises must show that they will be how to reduce carbon emissions to achieve the aim of global climate change under the Paris agreement.


By its management with a total of more than 34 trillion pounds of assets investment fund alliance "Transition path action" (the Transition Pathway Initiative) according to a report released Tuesday 20 largest listed coal companies, only two (Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) and Brazil's Vale (Vale) developed a long-term goals to reduce emissions.


The study, said the DMCI holding company (DMCI Holdings), Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal co., LTD. (Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal) and Shougang fukuyama Resources Group (Shougang Fushan Resources Group) this three companies do not even admit that climate change problems. The report comes after the Paris climate change agreement, which took effect last November, aims to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.


The UK's episcopal pension and investment fund, which has a pension and investment fund of nearly 10 billion pounds, is in charge. Matthews (Adam Matthews) said: "we still need to have the ability to assess, in view of the path to achieve the goal of global agreed to 2 degrees Celsius, the enterprise how much carbon emissions reduction should be in the future."


According to the VanEck Vectors Coal ETF, the stocks of Coal producers have generated a 38 per cent return over the past year, although many large investors have shunned Coal.


The benchmark Australian thermal coal benchmark index has more than doubled in 2016 and has briefly climbed above $100 a tonne after China restricted its domestic producers.


China's demand for coal is unlikely to peak until 2026, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, although demand for coal in developed countries is falling. Coal will still account for 30 per cent of China's electricity generation in 2040, the research group said in a recent report.


Jon Stewart, head of social performance and participation at Anglo American. Samuel (Jon Samuel), said the increase of mining enterprise action may help investors and transparency index provider to better determine which enterprises in coping with climate change - not completely avoid the coal enterprises.


The study, carried out by the London School of Economics and Political Science, divided companies into five levels based on 14 questions related to climate change. The study, said only Anglo American, BHP Billiton (BHP Billiton and Rio tinto is zoned to the highest level, and the three companies may not have a reach the highest level of all the evaluation standards.


In addition, only seven of the 20 largest listed coal mining companies reported emissions from downstream coal burning, known as lifecycle carbon emissions.


Research into pregnancy has led to a drop in IQ among women

Le 19 juillet 2017, 12:17 dans Humeurs 0

Gestational age refers to a woman's memory loss and cognitive decline after pregnancy, also known as infant brain state. The folk have "a pregnant and foolish three years". Some people question it, saying it's just a psychological function HK WSET.

Netizen: recently, the wife always appears to forget the word, trample accelerator to forget the road behavior. She has been repeatedly taught to feel guilty. That day, she held a half a day to jump out one words say: "hum! Don't blame me! Blame your child to go, have a child foolish three years, my mama say." Hearing this, I was puzzled. When mother this thing is so not easy, according to say the brain should use the more the better make right? Stupid three years, really false?

Research has shown that women's brain volume decreases by 4 percent during pregnancy

A study from abroad said Dr Oort and her colleagues at hammersmith hospital in London found that women's brain volume was reduced by 4 per cent during pregnancy.

The so-called "silly" pregnancy, and pregnant women before and after hormone change, sleep quality decline and attention from business to babies, self-adaptation did not reach the designated position, the cognitive errors caused by many factors, and cannot be easily attributed to is mental, mental decline.

"Three years a pregnant silly" in this case, a similar expression in English, as the "baby brain", there are many mother often complain that since the pregnancy will not make the brain, the most common expression is: have a bad memory for old forgetful, reading not bottom go to, attention is unsustainable. Especially professional women, the higher education, the more such complaints. Can pregnancy really make a woman stupid?

Explanation: a pregnancy fool three years, really have this matter business license hong kong?

As the saying goes, "three years of pregnancy" means that once a woman is pregnant, she will have a memory loss and a disgraceful fall. Studies have suggested that when a woman is pregnant, there may be problems with memory loss and cognitive decline.

This is often referred to as "geeky" or "baby brain". We don't know how long the baby brain will last. But from past clinical experience, this is a common phenomenon that may not even occur during pregnancy, but in women themselves.

Fact-finding mission: experts reveal the truth about being "pregnant"

When it comes to the question of "pregnant", a woman who has been through a pregnancy has nodded in agreement: yes, it's true that we start to look stupid, our memory is down, our Numbers are not clear... It's all been done.

But does "pregnant dumb" really exist in doctors' eyes? Is it really the so-called "baby brain" phenomenon, or is it something else? Let's ask the department of neurology and gynecology to explain the truth to you.

Experiments have shown that "silly pregnancy" may be linked to hormones

Dr Xu green, a neurology physician at nanjing general hospital in nanjing, conducted an experiment. He followed a group of pregnant women, discovered in early pregnancy, the cognitive level of these women are very normal, but in them within a month after giving birth, again detection found that almost all the women of the cognitive function score down. In layman's terms, they're all dumber.

This is the fabled "pregnancy fool". Why does this happen? You have to start with hormones wine course in hk.

The experts said they found that among these women, some of these women had a particularly pronounced decline in their cognitive abilities, and that most of these women had had a difficult birth and injected oxytocin. Here's a hint: could oxytocin be the cause?

In fact, an oxytocin, plus one of the most closely related estrogen in women. Both hormones are closely related to women's cognitive function.

The study found that women's estrogen has a clear protective effect on the brain, and most research subjects are "smart" if they use estrogen for brain damaged animals and patients. This is because estrogen has a protective effect on nerve cells in the brain, as well as information transmission in the brain that allows the brain to work better.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, the rise in oxytocin levels in the short term impact on cognitive function is negative, that is why women during pregnancy and in a short period of time, there may be "stupid".

Don't treat calf swelling as a small matter

Le 8 juin 2017, 17:00 dans Humeurs 0

Leg symptoms such as acid hemp pain, a lot of people not too seriously, its development for a long time, is likely to lead to blood clots, and even induce pulmonary embolism, sudden death, etc. Thrombotic diseases include arterial thrombosis and venous thrombosis. Compared to arterial thrombosis, many people are quiet


Leg symptoms such as acid hemp pain, a lot of people not too seriously, its development for a long time, is likely to lead to blood clots, and even induce pulmonary embolism fuel mix, sudden death, etc.


Thrombotic diseases include arterial thrombosis and venous thrombosis. A lot of people don't know much about venous thrombosis compared to arterial clots. But clinically, many of these sudden deaths are not caused by heart attacks and broken arteries, but by pulmonary embolism caused by deep vein thrombosis. About half a million people in the United States have a deep vein thrombosis each year, about 50, 000 people die from pulmonary embolism. In our country, with the improvement of importance and the checking method of continuous improvement, the diagnosis of this disease also have upward trend, related data show that the overall incidence of deep venous thrombosis after surgery can reach 25% ~ 50%.


When the blood flows from the lower extremities to the heart, the muscles of the lower extremities and the veins are combined to bring the blood back to the heart, which is a powerful force. In this sense, the lower limb is the second heart of the body. We everyone has a vast body of vascular system (by arteries, small arteries, capillaries and small veins and venous), bear the transportation and maintain blood through the body organs, the role of blood supply. Among them, the artery is responsible for higher after pulmonary oxygenation of oxygenated blood to the body organs and organizations in the organization, after gas exchange through the capillaries within back into the vein, again by venous blood back to the heart, start a new round of cycle.


Under normal circumstances, the two sides, and ensure the normal operation of the blood, but if the venous return a "block", even "subversive" mixed with blood flow back to the heart together, can cause fatal pulmonary embolism, and even death.


There are three major factors in the formation of venous thromboembolism, which is a venous wall lesion, and the veins are oppressed, and the blood is slow and high in form. It's also easy to form a blood clot if you sit for two hours on a plane and a train. , according to the clinical work of patients after surgery, long-term bed, cancer patients and elderly people, obese people, smokers, such as pregnant women on the pill for a long time, the most prone to the above situation, belong to the high-risk group of deep vein thrombosis. In general, deep vein thrombosis, once formed, has the following symptoms.


Lower extremity discomfort. When the deep vein is blocked, the backflow is unsmooth, and the legs of the side will have the symptoms of acid, swelling, and the pain of the calf. If there is no blood clot on the side, or if the clot is not as severe as the other side, then asymmetrical lower limb swelling is formed. In addition, the leg if have obvious color change (such as red), have shallow vein expansion and so on also need to cause attention.


Difficulty in breathing. Deep vein thrombosis, such as migration to the lungs, may result in pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is a rapidly progressing disease, but the diagnosis rate is very low, and can be turned into sudden death by completely asymptomatic. The most common symptoms of low pulmonary embolism are unexplained respiratory difficulties, especially after exercise and fatigue.


If the above symptoms occur, the hospital should be checked in time.


Deep vein thrombosis is terrible, but not indestructible. Start by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and reducing your meat and fat intake. If eating too much fat, high protein, high fat food to eat too much, easy to increase the risk of venous thrombosis occurs, because the blood viscous is one reason for its formation.


Second, quit smoking. Harmful substances in tobacco damage the walls of the blood vessels.


Again, keep moving. Exercise not only strengthens the muscles of the lower extremities, but also makes the blood flow more smoothly. Suggest a sedentary or keep a posture for a long time, such as traveling by plane, bus, workers at his desk for a long time, as far as possible every 1 hour up to move around, such as limited conditions, also can do hook stretch on tiptoe, kneading calf, when necessary, can also use some tools, such as wear stretch hose, to speed up the venous blood backflow, prevent thrombosis.


Finally, bedridden due to illness, cancer, varicose veins, and has a history of venous thrombosis, best can come to the hospital regularly, in order to detect signs of deep vein thrombosis.


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