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Beijing and tianjin jointly issued the first 17 measures

Le 20 mars 2018, 09:47 dans Humeurs 0

2018-03-20 article source: China news network.

The first batch of 17 measures were jointly issued by the departments of commerce, customs, national inspection and port of Beijing and tianjin, focusing on reducing the efficiency and transparency, so as to promote cross-border trade facilitation.

, deputy director of the Beijing municipal commission of commerce KeYongGuo in 18 "optimize business environment policy news conference", the Beijing and tianjin joint launch 17 in six aspects measures to improve cross-border trade facilitation, as in the documents deal with aspects of convenience, the beijing-tianjin commercial departments will be automatic import license and the time limit of examination and approval of export licence from three to five working days down to 1 working day; Simplify the process of issuing the certificate of origin for export, further reduce the duration of the visa approval for the export of the certificate of origin, and the certificate of co (cepa) shall be concluded within 2 hours. Promotes gradually, inspection and quarantine electronic signature and print function independently, "whose single release the goods from the declaration by the enterprises to in accordance with the requirements of entry inspection and quarantine certificate issued by the enterprise, the whole process time from 1.5 working days of the past, to no more than 2 hours Freight Forwarder.

In terms of optimization of customs clearance and inspection, he said, will promote the customs in advance of shipping mode, namely the import original manifest transmission in advance under the premise of enterprise can be in 2 days before the goods have not yet arrived, to the customs offices for handling the formalities of declaration, tax, and the examination formalities after the goods arrival, to logistics transportation and customs taxes are synchronous.

In the process of promoting paperless, the two places will improve the system of "online business hall" of the terminal, which will be accepted for 24 hours on the Internet, such as the application of the reservation, the declaration of the case plan, the payment and the comprehensive inquiry. To promote the application of the "port govhk" platform, the container "packing list", "equipment delivery receipt", "station yard receipt" is paperless in the scope of tianjin port group chinese logistics.

To the enterprise reflects the strong port unreasonable fees, he said, in the Beijing and tianjin port site, both released a "single window" of international trade and port charge hall fee list, including the category, project and cost level. Port local price departments will also clean up and standardize fees, reduce the charging items, reduce the charge standard, the legitimate rights and interests safeguard enterprise, easing the burden on enterprises, strive to comprehensive port in mainland China has obvious competitive cost level Cargo Consolidation.

Ke yongguo pointed out that tianjin logistics information network and tianjin port electronic commerce network have been integrated to realize the port logistics information "one-stop" inquiry. At the same time, set up customs clearance problem to solve the reception day, better serve the enterprise. Next, the Beijing and tianjin ports will work together to continuously introduce new policies to enhance cross-border trade facilitation.

The New Year begins with a gentle spring rain

Le 20 mars 2018, 09:25 dans Humeurs 0

It really rained last night. It was the first light rain since the spring. There is no wind in the sky, no thunder, the rain is fine and soft, even people have not found it, it is "the wind sneaked into the night, moistening things silently". When I wake up in the morning and look over the window, the cool and warm air is coming, and it is also due to the solar term.

The coat was still thick, because the shadow of the winter had not gone away. The river was sealed with ice, and there was no growl, and the lake held its breath. The land is languishing, the countryside sleeps in the snow, the city of skyscrapers is rigid and lifeless in the neon light. It can't touch the moisture in the air, it can't see the green grass, it can't smell the fragrance of flowers.

Now spring has come. Once again on the familiar path, looking down, surprised to find a cluster of delicate weeds fresh out of the head, a few days ago was covered with dead grass. What about the snow at the feet? I don't know when I'm in the dirt. It feels too thick to walk too far. Time flies, the season urges people, it is time to say goodbye to winter cold.

The spring breeze woke the earth, the snow was melting and the ice began to melt. The earth and the river begin to breathe, and many memories are awakened by the spring breeze. The wheat sprouts grew more green, a row of beautiful lines. The willows on the bank were swaying in the wind, and the branches were swaying in charm. After a winter of imprisonment, as if to regain the former comfort and flexibility.

There are also few people in the field shaking, is checking the situation? Is it about moisture? Because the year's plan is in the spring, the New Year's sowing will begin again. People watched the busy summer, 咏颂 autumn full flush, but each time the harvest, every star with lots of fruit, is just after the New Year, sow the seeds of hope in the spring in February.

May the first spring rain after this New Year moisten the earth and make all things lively, and bring people endless good hope.

It is not too late to choose dusk

Le 15 septembre 2017, 16:57 dans Humeurs 0

(1) selection

As the paths go, there are times when you need to look at it, and you do it, and it accumulates in your heart, and it does not dissipate.

In life, there is no doubt is a libra, it is not just two, but as in front of the crossroads, starting from each point, slowly branch, the more the more points, either to burst, or to the beaming of rebirth, is their own choice, there will be any regrets hatred, don't know, of course, so some people before each branch feel anxious, some also including me. This anxiety becomes a seed, which has been dropped into the heart, rooted and germinated, unable to be destroyed by its strong vitality, and slowly can replace all emotions apartment rental.

Hehe, want to be replaced? Maybe not.

When have it mostly in the form of a bad mood, but that's just it's dark side, it also gives a person a kind of satisfy feeling positive, about happiness, because those things all on the branch, want oneself to choose, also want to consider, accept on cardiovascular exercise, live.

When looking back, found that too many things all is fading color, endless regret and remorse, heart to anxiety and sad mood to continue to occupy the soul, only in the sleeping time can not bear the suffering, seemed lost half of our life. Perhaps when looking back, I, or other people forget the one side, the side shouldn't some self mood, laziness, tired, lay a path is the root of desalination, imprison the mind cannot be broken, no hysteria only silent sigh, there maybe I did not see the scenery, the true everything always cannot be a mere mortals know, spread, so a little bit of infiltration of the skin even soul, finally it is calm company registry hk.

The darkness of the end, or the light, was always there, waiting to be seen, and there was no turning back, and the man who stood there was meditating.

I choose if I can.

(2) twilight

The remnants of the sunset, I mentioned its loss, probably not the same as the old, just because the black line of the home that found the home burst, gentle, elegant.

Orange and some red semicircle shape at the edge of the sky, the clouds got into the corner of it, it looks so gorgeous, seemed to have become the protagonist in the sky, and those who remained a gray white clouds slowly, with the decline of the sun over there, die without regret, long a relief.

Ignore those.

Dusk and dawn the biggest different, presumably after them, like us, is a child at dawn, dusk is the elders, as fragile, but soon the fate of the future must be different, because of this, only at dawn and dusk.

The scorching sun was in the middle of the sky, different from the eternal life of the mountains, and it went out in time.

The same, no matter whether it is still cloudy after the rain, still can not say words, as to what, I am also looking for.

Fall in the body, let a person feel very subdued color, from the edge of the window with his fingers caught it is no longer hot, a little sympathy, a little envy, who will know at that time what kind of mood, even I myself have forgotten 通渠.

Four seasons will have the same shadow, is just come early or late, but not in each individual heart no such thing as a fan and a cloud, different calm of the sea, there is always a little hint of sadness mixed in, unpredictable.

I would always miss it, and indeed, after dark, I could not see anything. It was dark all around, only to know that there was one man's eyes wandering.

In situ, synonymous with a most cordial feeling, just stay there few people, back to not go to countless people, worry or pain relief because of it, in the sky lost its strength.

Presumably, because the sky has a weak, unnameable power.

I wish my evening was not so late.

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