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It is not too late to choose dusk

Le 15 septembre 2017, 16:57 dans Humeurs 0

(1) selection

As the paths go, there are times when you need to look at it, and you do it, and it accumulates in your heart, and it does not dissipate.

In life, there is no doubt is a libra, it is not just two, but as in front of the crossroads, starting from each point, slowly branch, the more the more points, either to burst, or to the beaming of rebirth, is their own choice, there will be any regrets hatred, don't know, of course, so some people before each branch feel anxious, some also including me. This anxiety becomes a seed, which has been dropped into the heart, rooted and germinated, unable to be destroyed by its strong vitality, and slowly can replace all emotions apartment rental.

Hehe, want to be replaced? Maybe not.

When have it mostly in the form of a bad mood, but that's just it's dark side, it also gives a person a kind of satisfy feeling positive, about happiness, because those things all on the branch, want oneself to choose, also want to consider, accept on cardiovascular exercise, live.

When looking back, found that too many things all is fading color, endless regret and remorse, heart to anxiety and sad mood to continue to occupy the soul, only in the sleeping time can not bear the suffering, seemed lost half of our life. Perhaps when looking back, I, or other people forget the one side, the side shouldn't some self mood, laziness, tired, lay a path is the root of desalination, imprison the mind cannot be broken, no hysteria only silent sigh, there maybe I did not see the scenery, the true everything always cannot be a mere mortals know, spread, so a little bit of infiltration of the skin even soul, finally it is calm company registry hk.

The darkness of the end, or the light, was always there, waiting to be seen, and there was no turning back, and the man who stood there was meditating.

I choose if I can.

(2) twilight

The remnants of the sunset, I mentioned its loss, probably not the same as the old, just because the black line of the home that found the home burst, gentle, elegant.

Orange and some red semicircle shape at the edge of the sky, the clouds got into the corner of it, it looks so gorgeous, seemed to have become the protagonist in the sky, and those who remained a gray white clouds slowly, with the decline of the sun over there, die without regret, long a relief.

Ignore those.

Dusk and dawn the biggest different, presumably after them, like us, is a child at dawn, dusk is the elders, as fragile, but soon the fate of the future must be different, because of this, only at dawn and dusk.

The scorching sun was in the middle of the sky, different from the eternal life of the mountains, and it went out in time.

The same, no matter whether it is still cloudy after the rain, still can not say words, as to what, I am also looking for.

Fall in the body, let a person feel very subdued color, from the edge of the window with his fingers caught it is no longer hot, a little sympathy, a little envy, who will know at that time what kind of mood, even I myself have forgotten 通渠.

Four seasons will have the same shadow, is just come early or late, but not in each individual heart no such thing as a fan and a cloud, different calm of the sea, there is always a little hint of sadness mixed in, unpredictable.

I would always miss it, and indeed, after dark, I could not see anything. It was dark all around, only to know that there was one man's eyes wandering.

In situ, synonymous with a most cordial feeling, just stay there few people, back to not go to countless people, worry or pain relief because of it, in the sky lost its strength.

Presumably, because the sky has a weak, unnameable power.

I wish my evening was not so late.

Energy is important to mankind

Le 23 août 2017, 11:35 dans Humeurs 0

In the summer, it is the second theatre of the flowers, and the golden period of the cicadas. Their performances, in the glare of the sun, are even more dazzling. But because of the hot weather, people are not interested in this at this time, just think how can let oneself cool a bit, cool some. Just because of these thoughts 燃料組合, open air conditioning, electric fan, a large number of cut is our money, energy, if excessive use, will one day be exhausted, is still a problem that can survive. How to avoid it? Save energy!

Wasting energy is not a summer patent; It is our duty to save energy. Because it ﹂ parting is indispensable to our life on the good company, without it, our life will be inconvenient. But people don't value it more because it makes our lives more comfortable, and vice versa. Don't shut the door refrigerator is already very serious, what's more, some people as long as the weather is a bit hot, turn on the air conditioner and is open all day, so, how much energy we waste?

Perhaps you can see that the tap is pouring out of the water, but don't you think, because you've read "the area of water accounts for three quarters of the earth"? Of course not! Of the three-quarters 會計軟件, the sea water accounts for at least ninety-nine percent. Salty water, there are countless bacteria in it, drunk all over the body is sick! You don't care about water, you think water will always be enough, so why do we have a water shortage crisis several times?

Besides, electricity ─ in the hot summer, both wet Ru and sultry. People always blow cool air and fans all day long. Sometimes a family has several cold air and electric fans in the same time, so that a summer's electricity consumption can not be known. But can you imagine what it would be like without it? It is only a day when the cold air and the fan of the electric fan can turn the breeze, and it is enough to make us too much to eat, not to mention the whole three months without electricity.

However, saving energy is not lip service, it is necessary to actually start from life. In the second example: in order to save energy 日本不動產, we can use the province electricity, water supplies, in order to reduce the energy they needed to do the things, such as: switch to shower shower nozzle, water saving toilet use, installation of light bulbs, etc. These all produce good results. However, the most important thing is to make a good habit of turning off the power and turning off the tap.

"Save energy, everyone is responsible" energy is not inexhaustible, inexhaustible! What's more, "Rome was not built in a day", the same is true of energy use, energy important in humans, is how comfortable and happy, so we should take good care, protection is well!

Coal companies' efforts to cut emissions are under scrutiny

Le 10 août 2017, 13:52 dans Humeurs 0

Investors have said that only two of the world's 20 biggest listed coal companies have a long-term goal of reducing emissions from Rio and vale, and three do not recognise climate change.


According to the Anglican (Church of England), led by a group of investors, the world's largest coal mining enterprises must show that they will be how to reduce carbon emissions to achieve the aim of global climate change under the Paris agreement.


By its management with a total of more than 34 trillion pounds of assets investment fund alliance "Transition path action" (the Transition Pathway Initiative) according to a report released Tuesday 20 largest listed coal companies, only two (Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) and Brazil's Vale (Vale) developed a long-term goals to reduce emissions.


The study, said the DMCI holding company (DMCI Holdings), Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal co., LTD. (Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal) and Shougang fukuyama Resources Group (Shougang Fushan Resources Group) this three companies do not even admit that climate change problems. The report comes after the Paris climate change agreement, which took effect last November, aims to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.


The UK's episcopal pension and investment fund, which has a pension and investment fund of nearly 10 billion pounds, is in charge. Matthews (Adam Matthews) said: "we still need to have the ability to assess, in view of the path to achieve the goal of global agreed to 2 degrees Celsius, the enterprise how much carbon emissions reduction should be in the future."


According to the VanEck Vectors Coal ETF, the stocks of Coal producers have generated a 38 per cent return over the past year, although many large investors have shunned Coal.


The benchmark Australian thermal coal benchmark index has more than doubled in 2016 and has briefly climbed above $100 a tonne after China restricted its domestic producers.


China's demand for coal is unlikely to peak until 2026, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, although demand for coal in developed countries is falling. Coal will still account for 30 per cent of China's electricity generation in 2040, the research group said in a recent report.


Jon Stewart, head of social performance and participation at Anglo American. Samuel (Jon Samuel), said the increase of mining enterprise action may help investors and transparency index provider to better determine which enterprises in coping with climate change - not completely avoid the coal enterprises.


The study, carried out by the London School of Economics and Political Science, divided companies into five levels based on 14 questions related to climate change. The study, said only Anglo American, BHP Billiton (BHP Billiton and Rio tinto is zoned to the highest level, and the three companies may not have a reach the highest level of all the evaluation standards.


In addition, only seven of the 20 largest listed coal mining companies reported emissions from downstream coal burning, known as lifecycle carbon emissions.


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